About Us

Innovation is the lifeblood of any organization and at Ball Horticultural Company one of our Seeds of Success is to Color the World with cutting-edge new plants. Throughout our history, new plants and planting trends have changed the palette of what our consumer wants. This is the reason for Ball Ingenuity – to partner with plant breeders and suppliers from around the world, fostering relationships and bringing new plants to market. We have a passion for new plants and are dedicating resources to launch these plants in the market.

Ball Ingenuity focuses on three main areas of the product development process:

1.     Trialing  Through internal and external trial partners, we test new plants to understand production and garden performance.

2.     Supply Chain  Working with the Ball Seed supply team, Ball Ingenuity works to make sure a sound supply chain is in place for each plant we bring to market. This includes multiple forms from seed to vegetative cutting and tissue culture.

3.     Sales and Marketing  We work closely with marketing and sales departments at Ball to ensure each plant has a successful launch.

Ball Ingenuity is excited to partner with some of the leading plant breeders and suppliers (big and small!) around the world to help bring new and exciting plants to market. We value the relationships that have been built and are always interested in new opportunities because we know the garden of tomorrow will continue to look a little bit different than the garden of today.