Whopper® Red With Bronze Leaf Improved Begonia

The LANDSCAPE Begonia! Landscapers and their clients love the super-sized shows that Whopper puts on in mass plantings and large containers, thanks to the big, vigorous plants; exceptional bloom size and excellent heat tolerance.

Available as Ball Premier Line® seed. A Ball Ingenuity product, available exclusively through Ball Seed. All four varieties have been improved for better uniformity and even more flower power! Whopper produces extra-large flowers up to 3 in. (7 cm) across, and keeps blooming from Spring through the end of Fall – a must for creating 55 MPH drive-by color. Recommended for growing in 4-in. (10-cm) pots to sell as a green plant to landscapers, or in gallon containers in bloom.
  • General Information
    • Height:
      30 - 34" (76 - 86cm)
      22" (56cm)
      Shade, Partial Sun, Sun
  • Product Story
    • Whopper was bred to be a “tough-as-nails”-type plant. Whopper has been proven to exceed expectations from Texas to Canada and continues to put on both plant body and flowers throughout the entire Summer. Excellent plant for landscape beds, as Whopper requires little maintenance. Municipalities and golf courses have both taken advantage of Whopper. It’s not only huge, but it can also be used equally well in the sun and the shade!
  • Supply Location
    • Available as seed from Ball Seed and from major plug suppliers.
  • Finishing
    • Soil pH:
      Light Levels (fc):
      Temperature Day:
      68-70°F (20-21°C)
      Temperature Night:
      64-67°F (18-19°C)
      Fertilization (ppm N):
      100-150 ppm N
      No. of Pinches:
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Additional Information

  Whopper Begonia Culture Sheet
How to grow THE Landscape Begonia


Bred by Benary.