Intenz™ Classic Celosia

Intenz celosia classic is an easy to produce plant which produces bold purple flower spikes which look great at retail. Intenz celosia classic continues to bloom throughout the summer and fall… making it the pefect plant for an indoor program or a plant for the garden. People love the Purple color as it flies off the shelf at retail!
  • General Information
    • Height:
      18" (46cm)
      12" (30cm)
  • Product Story
    • Intenz celosia Classic was bred by Floritec in the Netherlands. Due to the ease of production, Intenz Classic combines an easy and fast crop time with a great consumer experience! Versatile enough for both natural season fall programs and for pot crops, Intenz Classic is a star!
  • Supply Location
    • Available as unrooted cuttings from Athena and Floritec. Also available as rooted liners from select rooting stations.
  • Propagation Guide
    • Tray Sizes (cells/tray):
      72 or direct stick into pots
      Rooting Hormone:
      Average Days with Mist:
      Average Propagation Time (weeks):

      Average propagation time for perennials includes 3-5 weeks to bulk-up the liner before beginning cold treatment when started in late Summer or early Autumn.

      Hard pinch after 14-16 days, to promote branching. Remain 6-8 leaves below the pinch.
  • Finishing
    • Soil pH:
      Light Levels (fc):
      Maximum light
      Temperature Day:
      70-75°F (21-24°C)
      Temperature Night:
      66-68°F (19-20°C)
      Fertilization (ppm N):
      Plant Growth Regulators (S) = spray / (D) = drench:
      B-9 (Alar) 2,500ppm. First application 2 weeks after pinchig, then once a week for about 3 weeks. Bonzi 1 to 2 ppm.
      Botrytis (propagation)
      Vegetates under long days, and flower with short days and longer nights (13 hours).
  • Crop Time (weeks)
    • 4- to 5-inch (10- to 13-cm) Pots, Quarts :
      1 ppp, 7-9 weeks
      6-inch (15-cm) Pots, Gallons:
      1 ppp, 8-10 weeks
      10- to 12-inch (25- to 30-cm) Tubs or Baskets:
      3-4 ppp, 9-11 weeks
      1 gallon:
      3ppp, 8-10 weeks
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Additional Information

Growing the best Intenz all year round.
Bold new colors for the Intenz series.


  Intenz Celosia
Hit new markets with these new colors.