Agate Scarlet Vining Mandevilla

The Agate Series is a part of the Diamantina™ Collection of genetics bred by mandevilla and dipladenia expert Lannes of France. These sun-loving, traditional-type, vigorous mandevillas are earlier to bloom, and they have increased branching and blooming capacity versus current market competitors. The series offers extreme heat, drought and bad weather resistance. Mix Scarlet and White for a showstopping combination. Great for in-ground planting, hanging baskets, patio or garden containers, and in mixed combinations. Support, such as a trellis, is required. 
Very large blooms that are a true scarlet color!
Protection InformationPP25,873
  • General Information
    • Height:
      72 - 108" (183 - 274cm)
      12 - 16" (30 - 41cm)
  • Product Story
    • The Diamantina™ Collection of mandevilla/dipladenia, bred by DHMI of France, encompasses world-class genetics for their vining and bush varieties. Mandevilla sanderi was discovered in 1840 north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Diamantina region of Brazil is historically known for diamond mining. Now in the mandevilla/fipladenia world, Diamantina represents a product line as exquisite and elegant as fine jewels. Every series in the collection is a heavy bloomer that begins earlier than most and thrives through the hot Summer months. In addition, each has its own special and unique qualities. Offer your customers something exceptional: offer them Diamantina, the Jewels of Summer.
  • Supply Location
    • Unrooted cuttings available from DHMI, sourced from Ethiopia.
      Rooted liners available at select rooting stations.
      Pre-finished available from Botany Lane.
  • Propagation Guide
    • Tray Sizes (cells/tray):
      Rooting Hormone:
      Average Days with Mist:
      Average Propagation Time (weeks):
      10 weeks

      Average propagation time for perennials includes 3-5 weeks to bulk-up the liner before beginning cold treatment when started in late Summer or early Autumn.

      Rooting hormone is not required, cuttings come in treated with transparent product.
  • Finishing
    • Soil pH:
      Light Levels (fc):
      Temperature Day:
      70-75°F (20-24°C)
      Temperature Night:
      59°F (16-18°C)
      Fertilization (ppm N):
      5.14.36 with 1.2EC
      No. of Pinches:
      2, First Pinch: 3-4 weeks after the liner transplant (Remain 6 leaves below the pinch)
      Plant Growth Regulators (S) = spray / (D) = drench:
      Daminozide 85% (S) or Propiconazol 10% (S)
      Aphids (during early spring), Spider mites (during very dry weather)
      Fusarium, Pythium
      It is important to manage the temperature following the light intensity. It is essential to choose the right substrate.
  • Crop Time (weeks)
    • 4- to 5-inch (10- to 13-cm) Pots, Quarts :
      Not Recommended
      6-inch (15-cm) Pots, Gallons:
      7 to 8 months
      10- to 12-inch (25- to 30-cm) Tubs or Baskets:
      8 to 9 months
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