Butter N' Cream White Garden Mum

Clean white decorative with a hint of ivory in center of young flowers. Flowers after Celestial White and Starburst and before Pearly White; easy to grow and size up. Fine spherical growth habit. Solid performance in deep South natural season crops. Slow but superb habit and uniformity in black cloth crops.
  • General Information
    • Height:
      14 - 24" (36 - 61cm)
      20 - 36" (51 - 91cm)
  • Product Story
    • You can always count on Ball to bring you the best garden mums for the most applications and almost every market. We build our selection based on what our research tells us are the most popular color groups…and recommend the same for your annual growing program. Nearly 100 trialed and tested varieties, backed by solid culture info and outstanding customer service to help you achieve 100 percent growing and selling success.
  • Supply Location
    •  High quality rooted mum cuttings are available through reliable Ball Seed suppliers. Find them on WebTrack.
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