Paintbox Purple Garden Mum

A “wow” color – lively, bright, saturated deep pink with very good color retention! Large, 2-in. (5-cm), very well-petalled flowers are uniform and prolific. Excellent spherical habit in Fall natural season crops. Performed well in our black cloth trials.
'Paintbox Purple'
  • General Information
    • Height:
      15 - 20" (38 - 51cm)
  • Product Story
    • A wow color!  Lively, bright, rich, saturated, deep pink flower color! Flower size is large, 2-inches, and very well petalled.  Excellent spherical, European-type growth habit in fall natural season crops.  Uniform and prolific flowering.  Very good color retention!  Also has performed well in our black cloth flowering trials with excellent uniformity, a prompt 7-week response and prolific flowering.  Plants are grower-friendly with their ideal growth habit, excellent strength and average vigor
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