Majesty Red Garden Mum

Color sport of the popular Majesty Purple. Comparable in response and growth habit. Nice red flower color.

Timing: Late
Flower Date: 10/10
Black Cloth: 7 weeks
Habit: European
Vigor: Medium

Pot sizes: 
Natural Season: 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 14"
Black Cloth: 4", 6", 8", 10"
Spring: 18-01, 4", 6"
'Majesty Red'
  • General Information
    • Height:
      15 - 20" (38 - 51cm)
  • Product Story
    • A color sport of Majesty Purple with the same great European growth habit, extremely prolific flower count, and outstanding uniformity of response.  Majesty Red should outperform every red variety within its natural season flowering window, with far more flowers per plant, far more uniform flowering, and a more perfect European growth habit.  An ideal variety to carry on the excellent performance of Red Ryder into the early part of peak October sales. Displays excellent uniformity, a spherical growth habit, timely flowering, and prolific flowering in black cloth programs.
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