Poppin Purple Garden Mum

Large, 2-in. (5-cm), dark purple, duplex flowers with very dark green foliage on strong, flexible stems. Offers deeper purple color and larger flowers than Stellar Purple; easier to size up. Excellent spherical growth habit and good to very good keeping quality.
'Poppin Purple'
Protection InformationPPAF
  • General Information
    • Height:
      18 - 20" (46 - 51cm)
      20 - 24" (51 - 61cm)
  • Product Story

    • Dark purple flower color
      Deeper purple color and larger flowers than Stellar Purple
      Large flower size
      Approximately:  2.0"

      Excellent spherical growth habit
      Very dark green foliage
      Strong, flexible stems
      Vigor:  Medium
      Grower friendly, easier to size up than Stellar Purple, or Adiva  Purple

      Natural season North:  9/24
      Natural season Texas:  10/01
      Coastal CA:  7 Week

      Black Cloth:  7 Week/ Medium
      Keeping quality: Good to very good
  • Supply Location
    • Grolink
  • Finishing
    • No. of Pinches:
      None needed
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