Plant Listing

* New varieties


Bon Bon™ Cream
Whopper® Red With Bronze Leaf Improved
Whopper® Red With Green Leaf
Whopper® Rose With Bronze Leaf Improved
Whopper® Rose With Green Leaf Improved

Begonia (Rex)

Jurassic™ Green Streak
Jurassic™ Pink Shades
Jurassic™ Red Splash
Jurassic™ Silver Point
Jurassic™ Silver Swirl
Jurassic™ Watermelon

Begonia Vegetative

Bon Bon Cherry
Begonia Vegetative Canary Wings *
Million Kisses® Amour
Million Kisses® Devotion
Million Kisses® Elegance
Million Kisses® Honeymoon
Begonia Vegetative Sparks Will Fly
Spring Fling Buttercup
Spring Fling Pink Tulip


Crave™ Strawberry Star


Cannova® Bronze Orange
Cannova® Bronze Scarlet
Cannova® Lemon
Cannova® Mango
Cannova® Orange Shades
Cannova® Red Flame
Cannova® Red Shades
Cannova® Rose
Cannova® Yellow


Intenz™ Classic
Intenz™ Dark Purple
Intenz™ Lipstick
Twisted™ Dark Orange *
Twisted™ Orange
Twisted™ Red Improved
Twisted™ Yellow

Coleus, Premium Shade

Kong Jr.™ Green Halo
Kong Jr.™ Lime Vein
Kong Jr.™ Rose
Kong Jr.™ Scarlet


Dreamscape™ Bright Red *
Dreamscape™ Dark Flamed Mixture *
Dreamscape™ Deep Burgundy *
Dreamscape™ Deep Rose *
Dreamscape™ Purple *
Dreamscape™ Salmon Eye *
Dreamscape™ White *
Halios Bright Salmon
Halios Bright Scarlet
Halios Bright Scarlet Compact
Halios Deep Rose
Halios Light Pink Eye
Halios Light Purple
Halios Lilac
Halios Magenta
Halios Magenta Flame
Halios Pure White Compact
Halios Pure White Early
Halios Purple
Halios Purple Flame
Halios Rose
Halios Rose Eye
Halios Salmon Flame
Halios Salmon Rose
Halios Scarlet Red
Halios Scarlet Salmon
Halios Select Dhiva Light Purple
Halios Select Dhiva Purple
Halios Select Dhiva Rose Eye
Halios Select Dhiva Salmon
Halios Select Dhiva White Pure
Halios Select Fantasia Magenta
Halios Select Fantasia Purple
Halios Select Fringed Mix
Cyclamen (contd.)
Halios Select Magenta Flame Silver Leaf
Halios Select Rose Fringed Mix
Halios Select Victoria 50
Halios Select Victoria 50 Rose With Eye *
Halios Select Victoria 50 Salmon
Halios Select White Eye Fringed
Halios Select White Fringed
Halios Select White Silver Leaf *
Halios White Eye
Latinia Bright Red
Latinia Deep Magenta
Latinia Deep Rose
Latinia Light Pink Eye
Latinia Lilac
Latinia Purple
Latinia Rose
Latinia Rose Eye
Latinia Rose Purple Eye
Latinia Salmon
Latinia Scarlet Red
Latinia Select Deep Magenta
Latinia Select Fantasia Lilac
Latinia Select Fantasia Purple
Latinia Select Fantasia Rose
Latinia White
Latinia White Eye
Latinia Wine Red
Metis Bright Red Compact
Metis Deep Magenta
Metis Deep Rose
Metis Light Pink Eye
Metis Light Purple
Metis Magenta Silverleaf
Metis Mix
Metis Pure White
Metis Purple
Metis Purple Flame
Metis Purple Magenta
Metis Rose
Metis Rose Eye
Metis Rose Persian
Metis Rose Shades
Metis Salmon
Metis Salmon Edge
Metis Salmon Flame
Metis Salmon Rose
Metis Scarlet Compact
Metis Scarlet Red
Metis Scarlet Salmon
Metis Select Victoria Silver Leaf
Smartiz Select® Fantasia Red *
Tianis® Bright Red
Tianis® Deep Salmon *
Tianis® Fantasia Light Purple
Tianis® Fantasia Rose
Tianis® Fantasia Salmon
Tianis® Flame Mix
Tianis® Magenta
Tianis® Mix
Tianis® Purple
Tianis® White


Dianthus Green Ball

Dipladenia (Bush)

Jade Pink
Jade Red
Jade White

Dipladenia (Vining)

Opal Merlot
Opal Pink
Opal Red
Opal Yellow


Revolution™ Bicolor Mixture


HibisQs® Adonis Pearl
HibisQs® Adonis Pink
HibisQs® Boreas White
HibisQs® Laluna
HibisQs® Multi-Tropic Orange
HibisQs® Multi-Tropic Red
HibisQs® Multi-Tropic Yellow

Hydrangea macrophylla

Hydrangea macrophylla Adula *
Hydrangea macrophylla (contd.)
Hydrangea macrophylla Caipirinha *
Hydrangea macrophylla Curly Sparkle Blue *
Hydrangea macrophylla Curly Sparkle Pink *
Hydrangea macrophylla Hor Tivoli Blue *
Hydrangea macrophylla Hor Tivoli Pink *
Hydrangea macrophylla Jip *
Kanmara® Blue *
Kanmara® Champagne *
Kanmara® Pink *
Kanmara® Strong Pink *
Kanmara® White *
Hydrangea macrophylla Speedy Red *
Hydrangea macrophylla Twenty One *
Hydrangea macrophylla White Rock *


Passionaria™ Bordeaux
Passionaria™ Dark Purple
Passionaria™ Purple White


Mini-Gallery Blue Bicolor
Mini-Gallery Mixture
Mini-Gallery Pink Bicolor
Mini-Gallery Red
Mini-Gallery White
Mini-Gallery Yellow


Summer Romance Double Pink

Mandevilla (Bush)

Tourmaline Pink

Mandevilla (Vining)

Agate Scarlet
Agate White


SunGlow™ Yellow Bicolor

Ornamental Millet

Ornamental Millet Copper Prince


Pretty Flora™ Coral
Pretty Flora™ Flag Mixture
Pretty Flora™ Formula Mixture
Pretty Flora™ Midnight
Pretty Flora™ Pink
Pretty Flora™ Pink Pearl
Pretty Flora™ Purple
Pretty Flora™ Red
Pretty Flora™ Rose
Pretty Flora™ White
Pretty Grand™ Deep Pink
Pretty Grand™ Flag Mixture
Pretty Grand™ Midnight
Pretty Grand™ Mixture
Pretty Grand™ Purple
Pretty Grand™ Red
Pretty Grand™ Rose
Pretty Grand™ Summer
Pretty Grand™ Violet
Pretty Grand™ White

Petunia (Double)

Double Madness™ Salmon

Primula Acaulis

Primula Acaulis Sweet 16


Strawberry Cupido
Strawberry Sweet Kiss™


Limerick™ Debbie
Limerick™ Estelle
Limerick™ Isabella
Limerick™ Jessica
Limerick™ Leonore