Exacum Jupiter


Joan and Jesus share the key features, benefits and a few production tips on this series of exacum.

Expanding the Jurassic Begonia Series


They’re getting bigger … and smaller! The Jurassic collection of rex begonias is expanding into new series to meet all your needs.

Begonia Rivulet


Joan and Jesus share insight into the Rivulet series of begonia boliviensis. It's a flexible plant with many uses, sizes and applications.

Zesty Zinnia


This vigorous, vibrant zinnia is great for borders, mixes and containers. Plenty of color and it's a pollinator magnet! The seed is cleaned and tested so you can be confident in its germination and production performance.

Camellia Brew-Tea-Ful


This full-sun Camellia sinensiscalled Brew-Tea-Ful can produce 5 different types of teas from one plant. It has massive consumer appeal. Expresses white flowers in the fall – an ornamental edible!

Patio Hydrangea Kanmara


A new level of patio hydrangea! Kanmara is perfect for those shaded areas with large-size blooms. A true decorator item.

Begonia Spring Fling


Available in Buttercup and Pink Tulip varieties, the Spring Fling series is heat and humidity tolerant. Great for large baskets and containers.

Philodendron Shangri-La


An advancement in breeding for the class. Shangri-La holds its shape with no vining. Use indoors or outdoors in the shade as a great accent plant.

MOREL Cyclamen Novelties & Pre-introductions 2020


For all you cyclamen enthusiasts, our exclusive cyclamen seed partner, MOREL, has done an excellent job in presenting their new products. Here are pre-introductions for 2020.

Ball Ingenuity SimulCAST20


Join Kelsey Minalga as she shares the latest introductions for 2021 with viewers of SimulCAST20 – a digital California Spring Trials experience. Learn more about Brew-Tea-Ful Camellia, Metalis Cyclamen, and Shangri-La Philodendron.

Canary Wings Begonia


Meet Canary Wings Begonia, a truly unique variety bred by young plantsman Jared Hughes of Groovy Plants Ranch in Ohio. Canary Wings is brought to market through Ball Ingenuity. Canary Wings has chartreuse foliage in a Dragon Wing-type leaf form, with blooms that blossom all season long. This is a shade-loving begonia, and its bright color shines in the darkest parts of the garden.

Indiaka Cyclamen


Lean all about caring for Indiaka® cyclamen; discover lots of tips!

Kanmara and Jip Hydrangea


The product selection team at Ball Ingenuity is pleased to bring the indoor gift hydrangea, Jip, to market. It's a fantastic blue color for home decor with a well-balanced and floriferous habit. Add it to your program!

Whopper begonia


The LANDSCAPE Begonia! Landscapers and their clients love the super-sized shows that Whopper puts on in mass plantings and large containers, thanks to the big, vigorous plants; exceptional bloom size and excellent heat tolerance.

Intenz celosia


Check out Intenz, a great new line of celosia, which includes Classic, Dark Purple and Lipstick. Intenz is good for spring, fall or as an indoor floral plant.

What's New from Ball Ingenuity 2017


See the best new introductions from Ball Ingenuity ... all exclusive to Ball Seed for 2017! Learn more about the Strawberry Sweet Kiss, Rex Begonia Jurassic series, and Mandevilla Diamantina.

Green Ball Dianthus Tips & Culture


Green Ball is the flower the market has been asking for! It's something different: Three-inch green flowers atop dark green, glossy leaves. Perfect for bouquets and bunches. It's a versatile crop for all seasons.